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Under The Sea

August 10-14

Imagine what it would be like if you could breathe under water?  What creatures would you see?  Get ready for some splash'in fun as we explore real specimens of creatures from the sea!  Hold a real shark's head and feel its teeth, stare into the eyes of a piranha, hold an electric eel, and get a close up view of the magnificent seahorse.  Create a beautiful coral reef using water colours and salt.  Discover why many creature use shells and in an experiment observe what makes the shell an a amazing home.  Learn how to identify shark teeth and the sharks they belong too.  In a fun activity learn scuba shark signals that may just come in handy some day!  Observe hands-on real Megalodon teeth and make your very own Mega tooth to take home.    Create your very own "ocean layer" trinket that you can wear on the go.  

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