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Preschool to JK/SK
Ages 3.5-5 Years

Your child can enroll with Creature Klub even before starting school.

At Creature Klub we introduce early learners to letters, numbers, and sight words regognition, arts and crafts, and even pencil holding exercises to increase finger strength and dexterity. 


When your child enters the JK program they will be introduced to math, science, and art. Letters of the Alphabet and Phonics are explored with early reading skills.

Children begin to learn Days of the Week, Months of the Year, Seasons and French through stories, songs and poems during Circle Time.

The academic subjects are linked to nature for hands on exploration.

Our Early Child Educators provide an environment that promotes student initiated learning in the core subject areas. 

Learning is assisted with fun worksheets, role play, crafts, and early presentaion skills within a "play-based" environment.


In SK, students prepare academically for grade 1  in core subjects.

Emphasis is placed on presentation skills to their peers through reading and/or retelling stories. 

Addition, subtraction and graphing skills are also introduced with

an introduction to science exploration using kitchen household ingredients.

Students wear PPE equipment (goggles/ aprons) whenever engaging in experiments.


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