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Grades 1-3
Ages 6-9

Our grades 1 to 3 programs develop the fundamental skills needed to be competent in math, reading, writing, grammar, and science.

Each grade builds upon the previous year to gain a better understanding so that students are able to apply their knowledge in the real world.

A unique feature with our programs is that we adjust the learning to your child's level so that their experience is positive and rewarding.

If we see that your child is excelling in a specific area of study we will challenge them with the next grade level. Similarily, we may have to go back a level in order for your child to gain an understanding of the concepts so that they are then able to complete the program at their grade level with confidence.

Conversational French is taught through sight word regognition, songs, poems and short stories.

Students enhance presentation skills through "story telling" and "show and tell" during daily Circle Time.



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