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Grade 4 - Ancient Civilizations

Ancient Egypt

Ever wondered how mummies came to be?  Does the curse of Tutankhaten cause shivers in your knees?  Join us and discover the fascinating world of ancient Egypt – a civilization that lasted longer than any other in human history.  Learn about their culture , daily life, and beliefs.  Explore REAL Egyptian artifacts and art.  Partner-up and test your skills in a pyramid challenge of Egyptian architecture.  Discover ancient Egyptian inventions still used today and challenge yourself in a STEM activity.  Learn the art of Hieroglyphics and decode secret scroll messages.  Then roll up your sleeves – make your own papyrus paper and inscribe a secret message you take home.  But what about the mummies?  Hands-on explore the ritual of mummification in a “gutting experiment”!  Wrap up with a chance to see a real mummified specimen and artifacts over 2,000 years old!

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